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Stream Patch 2.1 Notes (30 November 2021)

- FINALLY added custom alert overlays (follows, subs, gift subs, cheers, raids, hosts). The cheer sound alert is Sonic getting a ring, while the other alerts are all excerpts from Dance of Aphoros (concert version)

- Added a rotating photo library of polaroid pictures that have been taken during stream on the starting soon and brb screens

- Added !banned, which brings up the Raiden Shogun doing her burst animation with the word "banned". Thank you so much to Lloyd for making it! <3

- Added music from Qilin's Prance (concert version) to trigger when different hype train events happen (start, level 1 completed, level 2 completed, et cetera)

- Added !sus, which yields a random selection between 7 gifs of when you're suspicious of something or someone

- If you type "pizza", the Iceh line will trigger

- If you type "goodnight", "good night", or "night" in chat, you'll hear Ganyu's dreams line

- If you type "no thanks" in chat, you'll hear Ganyu's no thanks line (60 second cooldown)

- The tattletail line "shut the door!" can be triggered with !door or !shut

- !tattletail will give you a random tattletail sound

- the !hug command has some more flavor!

- !wine triggers Zhongli's wine line

- !order triggers Zhongli saying "I will have order!"

- if anyone types "Zhongli" or !Zhongli in chat, it'll randomly trigger a Zhongli line.

- Scarlet will answer if you tell her hey

- Scarlet will answer if you thank her

- If you say !sus, Scarlet will join you

- !hype and hype both yield some Scarlet hype

- Scarlet will respond to "hey chat" et cetera

- Scarlet will respond if you ask her how she is

- Scarlet will respond if you ask her what's up

- Scarlet will respond if asks chat what's up - !raid has some more varied options (thank you for the idea of adding sentences, Vlad! <3)

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