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Stream Patch Notes (5 October 2021)

- if people highlight a message, it shows up on stream as a dynamic chat bubble

- now when people type !hydrate, a random gif between the 5 gifs I have will be selected (no more hydrate2, hydrate3, et cetera)

- now when people type !lurk, a random gif between the multiple gifs I have put will be selected

- added shoutouts/auto shoutouts for Danni and Char

- made an Ironman gauntlet snap video (from Endgame) VFX channel point that makes elements of the stream disappear for 5 seconds

- added Klee dance VFX channel point reward

- added Xiao dance meme VFX channel point reward

- when someone uses !monster to call upon Smiley, you'll now see "%targetUser% summoned Smiley!" via on-screen text

- added things to the !nomonster command; added %targetUser% so you can see who banished the monster away on stream via on-screen text; added baron bunny and Kanna (it'll randomly pick between the two) who will spawn with a laser towards Smiley, and then they'll all disappear

- changed my follower alert sound to Eula's theme but from the Genshin Concert

- changed my raid alert sound to be one of two bits from Keqing's theme from the Genshin concert

- added a "Pandora's box" sound effect shindig; if subs/mods/vips type in !pandora, it'll randomly play one of a big selection of spooky sounds, including the ones already on stream and some new ones

- added a safeguard for if my mic freaks out. If people type "mic muted", "your muted", "you're muted", or "your mic is muted", then a mic with a slash and paused waveform will pop up on the stream to instantly let me know much easier than if I don't see it in chat right away

- added some FNAF command VFX. There are three Freddy ones (!freddy, !freddy2, and !freddy3), and three Shadow Bunny ones (!shadow,! shadow2, !shadow3, and !shadow4).

- added a Pikachu Iron Tail VFX channel point where Pikachu slashes the cam and/or the computer/switch displays that will stay that way for 10 seconds

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