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Pascal's Vibe House

What is the Vibe House?

It's a semi-exclusive team of wonderful human beans —
appointed by me,
who have exhibited positivity, overall wholesomeness, and have demonstrated their desire to spread good vibes into the world. Think of it as my street team. 💖

Currently, the only wing of Pascal's Vibe House in existence is the TikTok Wing. Hopefully there will be one for each social network in the future! We'll see how it goes. 😊 

Now, I want to make it clear that even if you're not a member of one of the particular wings, that doesn't mean you still can't be a part of Pascal's Vibe House! 💖 I definitely encourage all to spread good vibes — and if you want to rep the hashtags and the movement while you're at it, be my guest! 😊

However you choose to look at it, whether it's a street team, fandom, stans, whatever the case may be...

when it comes down to it, we are Vibers.



Let's spread good vibes together.


  • @one_wayanthony (One Way)

  • @lauren052800 (Lauren)

  • @mcpeppapig (Rie)

  • @milksake5 (Daphne)

  • @gxcha._.trxsh (Ace)

  • @thats_alot_of_callcium

  • @yafavv_alannah

  • @potatolord2121 (Redo)

  • @thetguy198 (Tyson)

  • @ph.fr0z3n (Jowell)

  • @axle_loves_you (Aaron)

  • @ghost7377

  • @everything_is_wholesome (Fluffy)

  • @thanoslookalike (Shelbs)

  • (aloseruwu)

  • @deltaswaw (Delta)

  • @lousiana_redneck1 (Kasoo)

  • @aquinazaeonnazaedon

  • @eclipzbtw (Eclipz)

On one of my TikTok Live sessions, we were all talking about how there were such good vibes in the chat, saying things like vibes, vibe army, vibers, etc., and One Way said it was a like a vibe house. I LOVED that, and that was the inspiration for the team/fandom name. 💖 

At this current time, I'm not looking to add anyone else to the TikTok Wing — but perhaps maybe a different Wing, such as Instagram or Twitter? 🤔

We'll see!

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